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Tutors ValleyMusic - How it works

benefit from one-to-one tuition in a our state-of-the-art virtual classroom

Explore here the way we operate:

  • A free of cost 30 minutes assessment to identify the level of training - beginner, intermediate or advanced, required by you.
  • Enrolment in instrumental or vocal courses from our stable and reliable platform.
  • Initiation of virtual classes.
  • Participation in events.
  • Periodic assessments to evaluate your progress.
Our teachers are accredited experts, having an appropriate degree or diploma in music. Empowered by modern teaching methodologies, they shall take you through every step of our structured curriculum / course with ease.
We offer a 30-minute duration assessment to new-comers, irrespective of interests, be it vocal, instrumental or light music. It’s free of charges! So, you can always check your level and based on that apply for beginner / intermediate / advanced courses.
By offering live music classes to all our learners, we have not only conquered distance constraints but have also worked on flexibility. So, depending on your work / study schedules, you can always pick an appropriate timing and take your music lessons on chosen slots.

Take a 30-MinuteFree Of Cost Assessment Today!

Interested? Need the guidance of our native online teachers to learn vocal music and master the art of playing stringed instruments? Enrol here! Assess your confidence and talent at first, to determine the level of training required. Let us embark on a musical journey and enrich your pastime with online music lessons, helpful learning resources and recording tools for practice. You can also develop fluency in Hindi and Malayalam right here! So, what are you waiting for? Register for an online course today!

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