Learn through celebrity

Learn music through celebrity

Have an exclusive learning experience at Tutors Valley Music, where you can seek formal Vocal musical training from eminent Indian singers in a virtual classroom. We have a repertoire of celebrity music artists who have collaborated with us to help enthusiastic and dedicated learners in fine-tuning their musical skills. We primarily teach Carnatic, Hindustani classical disciplines. You may also learn Western ABSRM music theories and light music.

Choose your teacher by the disciplines they specialize in and by exploring their professional experience. Book online classes according to the available schedules as is offered by your chosen teacher.

Course Inclusions

  • Learn vocal music from celebrity singers over one-to-one learning sessions where you get your teacher’s undivided attention and exclusive guidance
  • Have flexible timing, for being able to pick a schedule according to your convenience
  • Learn the authentic techniques and hone your skills in a personalized manner
  • Be able to chit-chat with your the celebrity artist
  • Get early notifications about the upcoming concerts or your teacher

Terms & Conditions

  • The tutor reserves the right to disconnect the session, should the student show any abusive or insensitive behavior or action. And the session cost will not be refunded.
  • Tutor Valley Music may take legal action against students who are reported for abusive or indiscreet behavior.
  • Session bookings are non-refundable.
  • If a student wishes to reschedule their sessions due to any inconvenience, they can do so, at least 48hours before their session. The timing cannot be changed on shorter notice.
  • Refunds or Carry Forwards are not valid in case the student fails to turn up at the session.

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