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  • Along with Singer & Hindustani Vocals Music Instructor, I am a Music Producer too and can assist my students technically in every aspect related to recording studios and music production. Working since 2018 on regular basis for our Music Industry therefore have a clear vision on how things should be & Industry's demand. Will give my students a cover song done after every 3 months from my side coz in today's Industry being a live singer is not enough. You should be familiar with the technology too on how to sing in studios, in front of the mic whether its condenser or dynamic, the dynamic levels, articulations, angles etc. Songs will be assigned by me according to their level so that they can do a thorough analysis of their hard work and track their progress time by time.
  • auraiya , Uttar Pradesh , INDIA
  • 4+ years


Hindustani Vocal Music

Hi, Vivek this side and I am a Singer, Hindustani Vocals Instructor & a Music Producer by profession. Why should you join me? Do I have something benefical for you all ? Below I have discussed my strategy in brief, please go through once.
I will teach you in a modern & interesting way combining both the Indian Classical & Western Music Techniques. Traditional classical approach sometimes seems a bit boaring therefore will leave no stone unturned to make your sessions interesting. I myself is working for Music Industry therefore quite familiar with its demand & vibe. Each student of mine will get a cover song done in every three months from my side which will be free of cost as I am a Music Producer too & have my own Recording Studio in order to do a deep analysis of your progress time by time. This will enhance your technical skills, increase your confidence along with singing skills. What I need from your side is just your time, dedication & patience. Give me that, I will give you a better return. Before joining class you have to send me an audition video/audio of yours so that I could figure out your voice texture and plan your musical medicine accordingly. Instruments that I will use during class are Harmonium/Keyboard, Tanpura and later will include Tabla too. Will try to lay a solid musical foundation for each student of mine. Let's begin our journey folks. Do join & explore more. Cheers to Music ☺️

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