• Devanshi

  • Kanpur , Uttar Pradesh Pradesh , INDIA
  • Having 10+ years experience of teaching music all over the world countries like USAUK Australia Singapore New Zealand Dubai Indonesia Kuwait etc I’ve been working as a music teacher in my place here in Kanpur in various reputed institutions I have experience of judgement in various talent hunt shows also right now I am preparing for PhD and pursuing the course of music healing and therapy music has been always my passion I started learning when I was six years old I started learning classical classical vocal and in Tabla also I have done all my education in music I have completed Prabhakar in Indian classical vocal and Tabla and in harmonium from Prayag Sangeet Samiti Allahabad I have done double masters in music vocal and Tabla. The method are used for teaching is very simple so that a kid also can understand that and a 70 years old person can also understand that I am having Student from five years old to 75 years old I am teaching Indian classical vocal harmonium light vocal also.


Hindustani Vocal Music

Teaching music has always been my passion and i have always been great with students i have 10+ years experiance of teaching music. I have done double masters in Indian classical vocal and in Tabla I have done Prabhakar in vocal Tabla and harmonium I am teaching students from all over the world USA UK Singapore Australia Indonesia Dubai etc.

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