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  • London , London , UNITED KINGDOM


Western Vocal

I am a singer mostly trained in opera but I am able to teach all types of music. My major concern is to give you the tools to sing healthy without tensions nor harm to your voice. I help to expand your range and volume (or projection of the voice).

A typical lesson consist on warm-up exercises for which you learn many tips and ideas on how to use your voice. It develops technique and broadens your self-consciousness of your voice ability. If needed, I do some ear-training exercises. And for more than the half of the lesson, we sing through repertoire we have chosen together. I ask my students what they want to sing, I suggest a piece and we decide together. Once a month, I ask a pianist to come and accompany my students.

And at the end of the year, I organise a studio recital where the students get acquainted to sing in front of a small audience.

I always make sure to make you feel relaxed and fine during the lesson and your self-confidence will built-up and/or gets to its best. I am a good musician ans will be detailed concerning music learning and interpretation.

I studied voice and learned opera in USA, both on the east and west coast where I used to perform in operas and symphonic music. I have an extensive knowledge of choral music and hence good ear training tools. I also have prepared many students to auditions by introducing them to the techniques for it (thanks to my personal experience and books).

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