• Shana

  • My name is Shana Elliott, and I am 37 years old. I have been teaching singing as a peri
    teacher, and whole class teacher for the past 10 years independently and for Thurrock
    Music Services. I pride myself in giving my full focus and energy to every opportunity
    that is offered me, and am passionate and dedicated to my teaching work.
    Teaching is my passion, and nothing gives me more pleasure than working with young
    people who are the 'music of tomorrow'. I am passionate about encouraging
    performance opportunities for young people, and have vast knowledge in organising
    events for performers. I am enthusiastic and enjoy inspiring young singers, within
    my teaching role, and hope to always encourage and increase the confidence of many
    young singers.
    I have been teaching for Thurrock Music Services for the past 10 years, and find it the
    most rewarding of all of my singing ventures. To teach is to pass on your knowledge
    and to watch it bloom in others, and this is something that makes me passionate about
    what I do. I have vast experience in teaching young students of all ages (reception to
    sixth form , and beyond!).
  • Grays , England , UNITED KINGDOM
  • On file


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