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Western Music

Indian classical music might not be the preferred genre of music to all. To them, Tutors Valley Music brings together an opportunity to learn hillbilly music, also recognised as ‘Western Music’ or ‘country music’ online, through live classes. Led by the best western music artists, we structure a curriculum under this course and based on your choice of learning modern or old western music, we conduct online classes. Depending on your level - beginner, intermediate and advanced, we would distribute certificates to every successful student, who clears the assessment in exchange for a nominal fee.

Are you interested in appearing for the ABRSM examination held annually? At Tutors Valley Music, we train students to appear for the graded exam and earn diploma qualification from the Ofqual-accredited board. Being well-versed with ABRSM syllabus, we teach accordingly and we cannot be any prouder to announce that 99% have actually come off with flying colours. You can be the next lucky one! But, before enrolling for this particular course and teaching you different types of western music, we recommend you spare 30-minutes from your hectic schedule and take the assessment to identify your level and based on that, register for a suitable grade.

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