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MG Sreekumar
Playback Singer

Advisory Board Head - Violin

Manoj George
Grammy Award Winner

Our Well-Wisher

Franco Simon
Playback Singer

Principal / Head of Operations

Dr. C. Dharmmajan
Ganbhooshanam, Ganapraveena, MPA - in Vocal Music MA Ph.D in M G University

Education Coordinator / Admin

Nirmala Shitto
Tutors Valley Music Academy

Tutors Valley Music Academy is a ‘dream come true’ to people passionate about music, who harbour an undying love for the same and wish to learn this piece of art.

An award-winning Indian singer, music producer and music director, it strives to reach out to all the Indian NRIs, living in various corners of the world - the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and all through Europe, expressing an unfulfilled yearning to master the cultural activity. Housed by avant-garde teaching methodologies and an expert faculty, it breaks the shackles of boundaries by taking virtual classes, providing one and all a scope of honing one’s vocal skills.

Our Mission

Since inception, our mission has always been the following :

  • To evoke feelings of joy, achieved from identifying beats, recognising pitch and understanding the dynamics of a song
  • To simplify the learning process, irrespective of location
  • To expose learners to unparalleled opportunities of performing at events
  • To provide online music lessons of international standard

In short, we endeavour to revolutionise the way music is being taught. Headed by expert faculty, we intend to offer live online classes at convenient timings.

Our Philosophy

We ensemble to provide you with world-class music education, using innovative methods, promising fun and appreciation at every stage.

Our Speciality

There’s practically no need to search the internet for “music/singing classes near me” as we bring to you the same under a unified virtual roof.

Carnatic Music

Your incessant search for “Indian Carnatic music classes near me” shall finally see an end here! We feature some of the best Carnatic music teachers online for both beginners and those at intermediate levels to learn this classical art from the convenience of their homes. For the same, we follow a highly structured curriculum and distribute certificates at every level of completion. Get in touch with us to know all about our Carnatic music class fees!

Hindustani Music

Master the classical music of Northern Indian by enrolling yourself for online classes, headed by top faculty members of Tutors Valley Music Academy. So, stop seeking “Hindustani music teachers near me” or “Hindustani vocal classes near me” and start practising this melodious cultural art form.

Besides, we are also a ray of hope to people anticipating a positive response to common searches like “how to find a piano teacher for adults”, “best Violin teachers near me”, “best piano classes near me” or “top piano teachers”. In simple terms, we offer world-class instrumental lessons on guitar, violin and piano to seekers of the same.

Western (ABRSM) Music

We conduct modern western music and old western music online classes too! So, depending on your preferred type, enrol for online lessons and let our faculty members, comprising of renowned western music artists, train you on the same. You can also rely on us for clearing ABRSM examinations and take pride in qualifying from an accredited institution.

Light Music

We are completely aware of one’s fondness for light music, which imposes no strict rules on learners to adhere. Emanating primarily from the throat, it’s one of the most opted forms. At Tutors Valley Music Academy, we conduct online classes and host several sessions under a course to help students learn the same for the sake of fun.

Instrumental Music

Apart from vocal music, we offer all a unique opportunity to master stringed musical instruments from the comfort of one’s abode. Take note of all three instruments, on which we provide lessons under our highly structured curriculum with certifications for completion at the end:-

  • Piano
  • Guitar
  • Violin

Many of our students have already opted for instrumental music guitar, piano and violin lessons. When are you enrolling yourself for the course? Hurry! Register today and learn to play stringed instruments effortlessly!

Hindi & Malayalam Languages

At Tutors Valley Music Academy, we are not just an expert in teaching different types of western music, instrumental music, light music, Hindustani music and Carnatic music but also your go-to online Malayalam teacher and online Hindi teacher. So, break the language barrier and make the most of your break-time by learning how to speak and read one of the two/both the languages. Our native online teachers conduct regular classes, which are fun, effective and 100% flexible. Depending on your lifestyle, you can always adjust your live classes. Be sure to receive a certificate of completion on clearing our assessments and developing fluency in speaking and reading both the dialects.

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